Crests & Emblems

Posted by Tomas Flecker on

The idea behind this set of t-shirts was inspired by a pretty neat map I found on reddit one afternoon here. A cool piece of cartography for sure - and some some sharp looking flags to boot!

Later that afternoon I started reading up a bit on Japanese prefecture flags, and found some really interesting history on the designs and crests. Some elements of them are still being used in popular products today! The Sapporo star should be particularly familiar to any fans of their namesake beer.

Another interesting tidbit (if you're into this kind of stuff) is that the flags are almost always a stylized version of something from prefecture itself. Take Hiroshima for example - the flag is a stylized katakana of ヒ (hi) , and Kagoshima is stylised map of the prefecture, with Sakurajima in the center -- pretty nifty stuff!

I took a few of my own favourite prefectures in Japan and mocked them up to see how they looked - and was really pleased with the results! A few hours of editing later, and we had our first set of Japanese-inspired crest & emblems t-shirts.

I'll definitely be adding more in the future, so keep en eye out -- and be the first person to rep your hometown!