About Us

Katana Sakana is an anime streetwear and t-shirt company run by two Canadians, based out of Toronto. We create our own anime t shirts, hoodies, and sweaters based on our favorite shows and series.

All of our designs are 100% original and done completely in-house, often featuring elements we draw by hand before digitizing.

Our goal is to create the type of anime clothing we always wanted, but could never find. We take our time adding new items to our collections, since we have a rule that at least one of us has to watch the show (and usually enjoy it) before we start on a design. Also, the final product has to be something we would actually wear ourselves.

The philosophy behind all our t shirts and hoodies is that they should be subtle and minimal for everyday wear. And, if you're a fan of the anime, you'll recognize the reference on the shirt right away - and if not, you'll just think it's a neat design.

Since a lot of folks ask, the name Katana Sakana comes from one of our very first designs: the Swordfish. Since katana means sword, and sakana means fish - we thought the the idea of calling a swordfish (kajiki) a literal katana sakana was funny. After joking about how it was catchy and alliterative - the name stuck!

We hope you like the designs as much as we do!

- Tomas Flecker / Sebastian Ko
Co-Founders, Katana Sakana

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